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Photo by Brooke Mitchell

Tate Mitchell engaged all seven adults and his brother to create these fish during a recent holiday visit. “Our friend's dad commented on Tate's leadership skills, but he didn't speak but a few words during his demonstration. It was a little funny, but also really cool that he brought the idea home,” said Brooke Mitchell, Tate’s mom.

The koi project at Discovery Canyon Campus (DCC) received good news last week about efforts to build a world record paper fish chain.

The Current World Record is 762.63 meters, or 2,502 feet.

“DCC received our un-official measurements last week from the survey teams of Farnsworth and Galloway, Steve Parker and Brian Dennis were here for approximately 6 hours last Sunday and 6 hours last Wednesday. They sent me a text on Friday afternoon before our middle level assembly to give us our unofficial numbers,” said Shell Acker, a DCC middle-school art teacher who began working the project in July.

“They are both volunteering their time and equipment. They are D-20 parents as well which is cool as it is more of our community coming together for our kids,” Acker said.

“We have 1099.78 meters. That is 3,608 feet.” she said.

“We will now get two certified letters and send Guinness. All the documentation we need to the Guinness World Records! Not sure when we will find out, but sometime in 2017,” Acker Additional comments from an involved parent.

The koi project has made an impression, and not just on the students.

“Don’t you just l-o-v-e- the symbolism here?! Life, indeed, time itself ... is always moving ... just like fish. The fact that, symbolically and visually, we can say to our students “you are never swimming alone” is so powerful. Not alone, not ahead, not behind ... but with. Now, that’s something we all can hang on to. We are WITH you,” says DCC parent Bonnie Burckel. “The message of “strength and resiliency” just like the Koi is exactly the right message we need to send to our kids. What’s the alternative? Curl up in a ball and give up? No, not that, “not never.” Become strong. Become resilient. This too shall pass. Lean on each other. Dig deep. You have all you need within you to become a young man or woman of strength and resiliency.”

“ AND, look at this symbolism... to move like the Koi ... up and forward ... just like them... THAT’s what we want our children to hear, to live, to mirror. Up and forward! I love DCC and who we are. I always have. The opportunities here for our students abound. The love and caring of our Admin and staff towards our students is inspiring, heartwarming, and ‘daily.’ The energy and dedication that they put towards our children, day in and day out, I have personally witnessed and experienced. And, I only see 10% of what they give. Their respect and guidance for our students as they navigate these tough adolescent years is awe-inspiring. Their solidness and leadership is second to none. I couldn’t be prouder to be a small part of this amazing team. Burckel says it not easy in current time.

“We are fighting an uphill battle with the influences of social media, the AMOUNT of social media. Art provides a means to navigate all of that. And projects like this that show community, unity, “we are WITH”, serve such an important role. I am so proud of the Art Department and their foresight and leadership ... their willingness to bring this all together for the entire school. Their energy level and dedication is endless!

“I encourage other parents to pick a slice of DCC and go ‘all in’ to support it. We all can do our part to lift up this incredible team who spend MORE time with our kids than we do! Parents sometimes don’t want to get involved because of the whole adolescent “mom, I don’t want you around” syndrome that is such a natural part of this phase. Well, I say ... pick something “incognito” then. Go behind the scenes. Do a note of encouragement to your teachers. Pick up a lunch for a teacher or a staff member or an Admin and have it delivered in stealth mode. Sell t-shirts in either store (Thunder Store or Thor Store) for an hour or two. A steady stream of ‘random acts of kindness’ can keep our frontline team ‘strong and resilient’ in their own way. To me, there’s no more important thing to do then lift up those who lift up our kids every single day.

And, finally ... This is a mantra that keeps me going: ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.’ – Margaret Mead. My message to all DCC students and all our Administration and Staff is ... never doubt,” says Burckel.

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