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Cheyenne Mountain thespians take the stage in FAC’s ‘Annie’


Cheyenne Mountain resident Sally Hybl performs Dec. 5 as Miss Hannigan in the Fine Arts Center production of “Annie.” The show runs through Jan. 7. Photo by Jeff Kearney, courtesy of the Fine Arts Center

Several Cheyenne Mountain thespians are taking the stage this month at the Fine Arts Center for the theater production of the beloved musical “Annie.” The play follows the optimistic, red-haired orphan Annie as she searches for her parents and is eventually adopted by millionaire “Daddy” Warbucks.

Sally Hybl, who grew up in Colorado Springs and has lived in the Cheyenne Mountain area since returning to Colorado in 2000, plays the ill-tempered Miss Hannigan who oversees the orphanage. “Playing the mean, awful Miss Hannigan is so out of character for me, so opposite of who I am as a person, but it’s also a lot of fun,” Hybl said.

Hybl is joined on stage by two Cheyenne Mountain Junior High students: Delia Phillips, who plays orphan Duffy, and Ella Dill, who plays orphan July.

“It’s been so much fun for me to watch these young girls in this play, to get to know them,” Hybl said. “I grew up on the Fine Arts Center stage. It was really my ‘home away from home.’ I was about 9 or 10 years old — around the same age as many of the girls acting in Annie — when I did my first show at the Fine Arts Center, “The King and I.” Acting in Annie as an adult, watching these young girls, it feels like I’ve come full circle.”

Annie is the first FAC show for Phillips, who has acted in several other plays. “Acting is one of my passions, and being in Annie has been such a great opportunity,” she said.

Dill moved to Colorado from Alabama in February. “Being in Annie has been a lot of fun,” she said. “There are 10 kids in the show, and we all share one dressing room. It is really cool to be around other kids who all love the same thing as you do.”

The girls enjoy hearing Hybl share stories from her previous shows. “Sally has so much experience with the Fine Arts Center: she started acting there when she was our age. It’s really cool to hear how she started out,” Dill said.

Hybl said she is impressed with the young actresses, not only for their abilities, but also for their character. “All the girls are incredibly talented actors, singers and dancers. They each bring something unique to the play,” she said. “But more than that, they are really great kids. They are lovely and supportive, kind and generous to each other. They take care of each other.”

Phillips and Dill have fought to find balance between a demanding rehearsal and performance schedule and schoolwork. “It’s a challenge, but it’s worth it. It can work if you plan things right,” Phillips said.

“It has been pretty intense,” agreed Dill. “Finals were this week, and we were studying backstage and in our dressing room. You really have to figure out where your priorities are and use your free time well.”

“Annie” runs through Jan. 7. Call 634-5583 or visit annie to purchase tickets.

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