Our Commitment



The Gazette, Colorado Springs



At The Colorado Springs Gazette, we believe good journalism is the lifeblood of a good community, and public enlightenment is essential to a healthy government. When local journalism thrives, democracy thrives. As journalists, it’s our duty to report, as completely and fairly as possible, all the verifiable facts. Our team leads with authenticity and impartiality, empowering our readers to form their own opinions and make their own decisions. We’re committed to Colorado Springs: to serving the Colorado Springs community with accurate information, to making Colorado Springs readers better informed, and to offering Colorado Springs news customers a bond they can rely on. The principles below serve as the moral and value-driven backbone of The Colorado Springs Gazette. WE AIM TO INFORM; NOT LECTURE OR DIVIDE We don’t take your trust for granted. We know it’s something we must earn, which is why authenticity and impartiality are at the foundation of our journalism. We believe readers must decide the truth for themselves. We do not believe journalism should try to direct our readers to a certain viewpoint or political position. FAIRNESS IS OUR GUIDING LIGHT Fairness means an open-minded pursuit of the truth, a willingness to genuinely listen to all relevant parties and a commitment to thorough research of the facts, following them wherever they take us. It means ensuring that our reporting is rooted in evidence, expertise, and experience. Once we have done that, we tell our readers what we’ve learned honestly, straightforwardly, and fearlessly, without personal opinion or bias. WE DISTINCTLY SEPARATE NEWS AND OPINION The Colorado Springs Gazette delivers both news and opinion. We believe in keeping a bright sharp line between the two. Opinion will appear on opinion pages, and news on news. We include opinions in our daily report because we believe the broader the range of voices in our paper, the more representative our coverage will be. At their best, daily newspapers are the tent poles for the city tent, a tent where everyone can gather and be heard, a tent big enough for us to hash out our differences with respect for one another. WE SERVE THE COLORADO SPRINGS COMMUNITY AND COLORADO Quality journalism means being grounded in truth and recognizing the responsibility we have to the community we serve. We believe that by bringing together the community’s voices, commentary, and our journalism in a daily package, we provide an irreplaceable public service. By partnering with us through a subscription, our readers help us sustain local journalism’s essential mission of shining light on our community and ensuring the public’s right to know. We know ourselves better when we see our own stories told. We know better where the problems are, and how to fix them. We believe the daily light of local journalism makes us a better city, a better state, and a better democracy.