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Delaware senator brushes off concerns about Biden’s reelection chances


Sen. Chris Coons, D-del., is brushing off concerns over President Joe Biden‘s chances of winning in the 2024 presidential election, despite what some Democrats have recently said.

Democratic political strategist David Axelrod is among those questioning if Biden can win next year’s election, recently stating the president has a 5050 chance at winning reelection and that his chances are “no better than that, maybe a little worse.” Coons, however, pointed to the election results from 2022 and 2023 as good news for Democrats next year.

“Head-to-head polls a year out frankly don’t say much at all,” Coons said on “Fox News Sunday.” “What matters is the elections that just happened.

The off-year elections were very positive for Democrats across the country. We far exceeded expectations in 2022 in the midterm elections. So across special elections, midterm elections, I see real positives for this president.”

Coons argued that the Democratic Party’s performance in recent elections is “rooted” in Biden’s accomplishments as president, which he claimed included lowering employment and “rebuilding advanced manufacturing.” The Delaware Democrat argued that Biden’s track record would likely be referenced by the president on the campaign trail next year.

Axelrod has expressed concern over Biden being the 2024 Democratic nominee for the past few weeks, recently expressing concern about Biden’s age, which is “the one thing you can’t reverse.” Biden is turning 81 Monday. Axelrod also criticized the Biden administration’s lack of concern for polling data, specifically “this sort of ‘What me, worry?’ attitude” about his campaign.

“And the stakes are so high,” Axelrod said last week. “This isn’t, you know, Mitt Romney or John Mccain or anybody else on the other side. This is Donald Trump. It’s a fundamental question as to what American democracy is going to look like the day after the next election.”

Former President Donald Trump is expected to be the GOP nominee, as he is far ahead of his opponents in the party’s primary race. Should Trump become the nominee, it would set the stage for a rematch between him and Biden, as the two previously ran against each other in 2020.





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