The Colorado Springs Gazette

Why the opposition?

In the “City of Colorado Springs sued over controversial apartment complex for homeless young adults” (Jent, Breeanna, Sep 6, 2023)

I struggle to understand why residents of the westside continue to fight this complex. The west side understands the struggles of the homeless population and exactly how bad it has become, during 2018-2019 Catholic Charities of Central Colorado Partners in Housing found that “Colorado Springs identified 1,117 school age student experiencing homelessness” (2018). With the construction of this building, it also forces homeless away from this area, so the question remains why residents resent the idea?

The idea would not only clean up the community and surrounding area but provide help from the city to combat the homeless population within children, which is exactly what everyone wants and is asking for. Although the main argument arises about the geological integrity and the concern about erosion, city staff have already looked at the site and deemed it safe to begin to break ground on.

I just struggle to understand why something so beneficial to the community is being protested?

Ross Woods Colorado Springs





The Gazette, Colorado Springs