Redevelopment of our downtown



The Gazette, Colorado Springs


We hope that with input from ordinary citizens and city leaders, our Mayor Yemi Mobolade will decide to accept the remarkable proposal to renovate the City Auditorium and the surrounding buildings. The Community Collective has provided the City with a beautiful and innovative plan to stimulate economic growth downtown. This development plan, which has already begun, can make the area around the City Auditorium the center of vigorous economic development and kickstart a new, welcoming downtown. The Community Collective (and Linda Weise) have worked for several years with the highest quality architechs,innovators and economic experts to delelop a proposal that will relaunch downtown. Their imagination and dedication to our future has been exceptional. If you want to see the quality of what has been developed so far and is being offered to the City go to “The Well” (Pikes Peak and Weber) one evening and see the bright, clean, welcoming, fun high quality restaurants and music. The young people working there (and some not so young) are very proud of what they are accomplishing and should be. This is what we want for our City — a place that brings people together in a positive atmosphere. The planned development our City Auditorium can be the jewel of downtown, if we have the vision to invest in our City. Mr. Mayor, say “yes” to the redevelopment of our downtown. Donna Dell’olio Colorado Springs