High car theft rates



The Gazette, Colorado Springs



I have been the victim of my car being stolen in Colorado Springs and having it recovered in Pueblo in 10 days. The car was pretty much ruined on the interior and was strewn with drug paraphernalia throughout. The perpetrator was caught as he ran away from the car and his hearing was a few days later. He was charged with three felonies (thanks to the new laws in Colorado that makes it a felony for any car theft). He is from Pueblo and was booked into jail soon after he was caught but that’s the end of the good news! In fact, while working on my case, I spoke with the sheriff ’s office in Pueblo and they had 4 to 5 stolen vehicles that night alone – not an unusual circumstance, I was told. My car is not drivable and I’ll give it to a non-profit or to a high school for use in an auto mechanics class. This crime is increasing dramatically and Colorado has one of the highest car theft rates, if not the highest, in the nation. Well, this will continue until our courts find the gumption to actually charge the criminal with the original charge instead of reducing it to a misdemeanor, as was done in my case. Will the criminal be back on the streets in one month (as what the charge was pleaded down to and the ridiculous judge agreed to)? Of course he will. He has prior run-ins with the law for auto and other criminal activity and charges but this didn’t seem to make a difference to the D.A. or judge. What are the deterrents to crimes like this if harsh sentences are not imposed? They and other crimes are increasing because of lax sentences being given, clearly and simply. As a victim of this senseless crime and feeling an obligation to our communities, I feel the need to excoriate the people who imposed this light sentence. We deserve justice to be served and efforts to be made to put an end to these crimes. I’m so sorry we are in this state of lawlessness. Those handing out these sentences are completely responsible for our problems and I am ashamed to be part of this in Colorado. Ron Rubin Colorado Springs