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A prayer not a plan

Reference the recent articles about the O’neil Group’s desire to build a 36-story apartment high rise in downtown Colorado Springs. The last thing downtown needs is a building larger than all the others that stands out like a sore thumb. Just look at the artist’s rendering of the building—it towers over every other building. The city planners and city council should determine what existing building in downtown is the highest (Plaza of the Rockies?, Antlers?) and not allow any building to be any higher.

One of the great things about Colorado Springs is that its citizens and visitors have great views of Pikes Peak, the mountains, and the foothills from almost everywhere in the city. This building will not only block that view, it will lead to development of more like it. Once the first one is approved, others will follow. Do we want a downtown full of skyscrapers or a downtown that blends well with the surrounding area?

Finally, “Build it and workers will come” is a prayer not a plan. Colorado Springs’ economic engine is running fine. We don’t need to rev it up with skyscrapers. New apartments are being built constantly. In addition, businesses seem to be finding or building office space all over the city that is normally only 1-3 stories high. I encourage all citizens of Colorado Springs to voice their opposition to this proposal. Only the developers will benefit from this.

David Geuting Colorado Springs





The Gazette, Colorado Springs