Emotional support animals



The Gazette, Colorado Springs



Emotional support animals are critical to people with mental health issues. The mere presence of an emotional support animal could be the difference between having or not having a breakdown or panic attack. Emotional support animals should be considered service animals. They are just as important as service animals for people with physical disabilities and should be equal with other service animals under the law. The Fair Housing Act applies to both service animals and emotional support animals. It protects individuals that rely on either a service animal or emotional support animal. This allows these individuals to keep their animal in their home without being subject to no pet policies or extra fees. On the other hand, the Americans with Disabilities Act applies only to service animals, not emotional support animals. This means that those who need a service animal can have their animal present with them at all times, no matter where they go. This includes public transportations, airplanes, and just about any public place. However, those with less obvious but just as debilitating mental issues who depend on emotional support animals are not entitled to the same rights. Sara Hunt Monument