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Long haul symptoms

I recently returned to Colorado Springs for the summer and found out that a friend of mine is still experiencing long haul COVID symptoms two years after being stricken with COVID. Symptoms include blood clots in the lungs, fatigue, and brain fog and more. It is very frustrating and sad to hear of this since I am aware of a biotech company that has a therapeutic that has been used in the past to treat severely ill COVID patient in Italy . Several of these patients had been treated with other drugs which had failed. All of the patients were in severe condition (as mentioned before). The vast majority of the patients recovered fully.

The fact that this drug has never received support from agencies like BARDA and NIH and, as a result, has not been developed for commercial use, is, again, very frustrating. The governments focus has been on vaccines not therapeutics. This is a therapeutic, which, had it been available to my friend and others might have saved them in the beginning or after they suffered from long haul symptoms like my friend.

Zenas Gurley Colorado Springs





The Gazette, Colorado Springs