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Voting is important

Elections are important — no matter when, where or how often!

To vote you must be registered with your current address, be at least 18 years of age by the date of the election and have resided in Colorado 22 days before the election.

Many elections have been won or lost by a few votes — in Manitou Springs, the June 2015 mayoral race was decided by 10 votes out of 1,746 cast. The County Commissioners race in District 4 was won by 34 votes out of 6,866 cast and the 2021 School District 11 Bond Issue failed by 11 votes out of 54,941 cast.

Tuesday, September 19th has been declared National Voter Registration Day. All 50 states will provide places for voter registration. In Colorado Springs, three libraries will provide a place for members of the League of Women Voters of the Pikes Peak Region to help with registering voters. The libraries are - Penrose, Ruth Holley and Sand Creek with hours from 10 a.m. to 2p.m.

Ballots for those registered will be mailed out October 16th for the November 7th election. Blue books with election information will be mailed out ahead of time.

If you cannot be present to register or change your address beforehand, you can do so online at web site.

Remember to send in your ballot before November 7th or vote in person on election day.

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