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Dear Heloise:

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There is a new scam that’s starting to pop up, and it’s fooled a number of unsuspecting folks.

It goes like this:

Out of the blue, you suddenly cannot turn off your computer. It appears to be frozen. Then you get a call from either the manufacturer of your computer or your bank (or both). They tell you the amount in your checking or savings account and use some form of pretext to ask you for more information, such as passwords or other personal details.

This is nothing but a scam. No one should be asking you for your password or any other personal information. A scammer will tell you they want to protect you and your account from scams, but this is the scam! So, beware.

What should you do if this happens to you? Don’t respond to their questions, and don’t give them any information — and I mean no information! Tell them you were just heading out the door due to an emergency and ask for a number to call back once you get home.

Don’t answer any questions, and don’t listen to any reason why they won’t give you a phone number to call back. Don’t let them push or pressure you into giving out information. Just hang up on them.

Close out your computer if you can and take it to a repair shop. Have it stripped clean and change your bank account information immediately. — Brenda W., Norman, Okla.

Brenda, this is good advice.

Scammers are getting more sophisticated all the time, and some are very good at cheating people out of their savings. So, always be cautious when people call for any information. — Heloise

Dear Heloise:

I have always snipped threads as I sew, and they usually just fall to the floor. Instead, I placed a piece of rolled-up tape on the corner of my sewing machine cabinet, and as I snipped, I touched the tape to remove the threads. When I finished sewing, I just peeled off the tape and threw it in the waste basket. — Mary Jane P., New Cumberland, Penn.





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